• We connect buyers with real estate brokers
  • We connect buyers with mortgage companies
  • We connect buyers with builders
  • Credit coaching
  • We connect buyer resources needed to become successful homeowners
  • Market Realtors, builders and lenders

$1300.00 mo.

$1100.00 mo.

We're more than marketing agency, we're a partner who's got your back.

Moving in to your dream home is a feeling like no other, and we will connect you with the resources needed to be successful.

Our expertise in the area is unparalleled.

$1050.OO mo.


1900 sq. ft.


4 bedroom homes available.

$1200.00 mo.

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We have an in-depth understanding of marketing. We go beyond the traditional scopes and evaluate the value of your buying power, including those special aspects of credit coaching.


When you're looking to choose a place to settle, make sure you are connected with the right experts. We are connected with the people who care about you and your family home buying needs.

1800 sq. ft.


3 bed/Loft or 4 bedroom homes available.


Indianapolis, IN, United States




Prices and interest rates are subject to change without notice. Homes pictured may not be available at the lowest advertised price. Advertised monthly payments are based on principle and interest only.

Indy Home Solutions.COM


2200 sq. ft.


4 bedrooms with loft homes available

2700 sq. ft.


4 bedrooms with loft homes available